Travel terms and conditions

Thursday, 28 March 2013 20:32


Tickets can be bought on this site, from the certified travel agencies or purchased on-board. Payment methods accepted on are:

  • - Pay on board: tickets bought on board cannot be changed and are non-refundable but they could be cancelled until one hour before bus departure.
  • - PayPal: tickets bought using Paypal cannot be changed, cancelled and are non- refundable. Payment must be done at the time of booking using a credit card or the PayPal account. There's no need to have a PayPal account to pay.


Low cost tickets are regular tickets sold at discounted fares. They cannot be changed and are non-refundable. Moreover:

  • - The number of available low cost tickets is limited and changeable according to days and routes;
  • - Low cost tickets can be purchased using PayPal or from the certified travel agencies;
  • - Low cost fares are not cumulative with all other discounts.

In order to get the discounted ticket, please select “low cost” among the different discount options in the drop-down menu on the booking page. This option is subject to availability.


Travel documents are not transferable and are valid for the day wich they were issued. If the trip is not carried out for reason attributable to the traveler, it does not give the right to have a refund or an extension of the validity of the ticket. The ticket purchased for a specific journey is also valid for the next or previous journey, always on the same day, subject to availability of seats.


There is the possibility of changing dates and rides for customers who have purchased the ticket WITHIN AND NOT MORE THAN 90 minutes before departure. The change involves a penalty of € 1, plus the difference in fare, if applicable, between the booked ride and the ride to be rebooked. The ticket change can be done by the customer himself in ‘booking’ area on our website. The "prenota prima" rate cannot be applied to the ticket change. Ticket changes are only possible once.



If passenger needs a change to his ticket but is not yet sure of the new departure date, he can transform it into a VOUCHER valid for 3 months (not extendable) and he can do it up to 90 minutes before the booked departure. Every change involves a charge of 2 euros per person. The requested 'issuing voucher' can be carried out by contacting the Prontobus call center, by e-mail or by the customer himself registered on the Prontobus website.  If it is a return ticket, and the outward journey has already been made, the user will not be able to request the voucher for the remainder of the ticket value, but will still have the option to exchange the ticket for another date.


Strictly one item of baggage per passenger weighing up to 20kg with maximum dimensions of 50cm x 35cm x 25cm is permitted. It will be placed in the luggage compartment. Extra/oversized baggage will be accepted for a fee of €5. Baggage is not covered by insurance therefore there is no compensation in the event of loss or damage.

Baggage can be:

a)       hand baggage: small baggage or baggage of particular value (mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, jewels, etc.) for which the traveler is responsible;


b)      baggage delivered to the carrier, positioned in the luggage compartment (suitcases, bags, trolleys of size and weight not exceeding what is defined within the limits)


It is possible to accept additional baggage only if there is space available in the trunk and upon payment of a supplement at the time of booking online or at an authorized agency.  The cost of extra baggage is € 3. The transport of a bicycle (disassembled or folded in two pieces) is allowed only if there is only one piece of luggage in addition to the bicycle. The cost for transporting the bicycle is Euro 5.


Prontobus shall not be responsible for any losses or damages to baggage abandoned on board by the passengers. There is left luggage/baggage storage facility at Prontobus garage. Baggage and luggage items can be stored up to 1 month at passengers’ disposal. In order to pick up the baggage passengers must prove their property.


Passengers must compensate for all damages caused to vehicles, objects and buildings belonging to Prontobus.


Schedule can be modified without notification. Prontobus is not responsible for connection lost because of any delays or mistakes in schedule, even if they have been published, pointed out in this communication or in those done by other companies. Passengers must be informed by travel agencies about the need to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before departure.


Transport of small animals is allowed if they are kept in a box and if they are made inoffensive using appropriate means (i.e.: dogs wear the muzzle, etc). Animals can be transported buying a special ticket at a special price (50% off the regular fare). The traveller who asks for moving animals and their owner away cannot be refunded but could ask for a ticket change.


The transportation of any explosive and flammable substance, toxic substance, or any other dangerous object is forbidden.


Prontobus reserves itself the right to modify at any time terms, conditions and fares of this price list.