Prontobus connects Abruzzo to Rome airports with about 30 routes daily, 365 days at year. Thanks to this intense presence we are able to meet all of your potential compatibility of time. Not only that, some lines are directed to Rome Tiburtina and others connect one of the main Italian ports: Civitavecchia.

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Fiumicino aeroporto07:3011:3011:3014:4518:50
Ciampino aeroporto07:5012:0012:0015:1519:15
Roma Tiburtina08:3012:4512:4516:0020:00
Avezzano Terminal Bus09:4013:5513:5517:1021:10
Pratola / Sulmona A2510:2014:3514:3517:5021:40
Torre dè Passeri10:3014:4514:4518:0021:55
Chieti scalo10:5015:0515:0518:3022:15
PESCARA TERMINAL BUS11:0015:2515:2518:4522:30
Ortona zona artigianale 11:2015:5015:5023:00
Vasto Nord16:35
Vasto Terminal Bus16:50

* Effettuata solo nei giorni lavorativi.
** Effettuata solo nei giorni festivi.